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How can I change information related to my screening?

In order to change any aspect of your screening event, you can sign in to your Brave New Theaters account and go to your screenings under the "My Screenings" heading.

How can I delete an RSVP?

You can delete RSVPs by going to their icon on your screening page and clicking on the tiny trash can on the right hand bottom corner. You must be logged into Brave New Theaters with the account you created the screening with to do this.

Can I see a printed copy of the screening rights?

Please contact the filmmaker directly to obtain a printed copy of the screening rights. Brave New Theaters does not have this information on file.

I have a question about ordering the film DVD to use for the screening.

There should be a link on each film profile for purchasing the DVD. If the DVD is not available for purchase on the internet yet, please contact the filmmaker directly.

Can I charge admission for the screening?

Please contact the filmmakers directly about this. Brave New Theaters does not keep any DVDs in stock, nor do we handle any orders or money.

I have a question about the film!

Please contact the filmmakers directly.

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